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We are an Employer-retained Executive Search practice engaged exclusively in the business of identifying and recruiting Corporate Risk Management professionals.

Our professional staff has years of experience in Corporate Risk Management with national firms. We only represent Corporate clients and never accept assignments from Brokers or other service vendors.

We bring independenceexpertisefocus, and the perspective of a practitioner to the selection process.

Should you consider Risk Management staffing in the future, including the sub-specialties of Safety and Claims Management, please contact us to discuss your need.

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Fairly “Plain Vanilla“.

Some information for those interested in managing a career in Risk Management.

Some information for prospective clients.

We hope the content is worthwhile and maybe even a little provocative.

Proactive Career Management


  • Your role in career management
  • Pre-loss Considerations
  • Post-loss Considerations
  • The one book I always recommend
  • Mainstream management
  • An invitation to submit a brief on-line resume for consideration on current or future search projects
  • Alternatively, feel free to E-Mail us and attach your resume

Prospective Client Information


  • Biography
  • The China wall
  • A gentle pitch

Articles and Links for Risk Managers and Civilians


  • Resources for Risk Managers
  • Required reading
  • A Forum for articles and opinions (published or otherwise) on the general subject of Corporate Risk Management
  • An invitation to submit your article or hyperlink for publication on this Forum

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