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Hard sell...

We doubt that prospective clients will make a choice to utilize our services based on a “pitch” made on our Web Site. Consequently, we are deferring the hard sell. We don’t really have one.

We’ve done a very good job for our clients since 1984. Should you have immediate needs or simply want to discuss future staff planning, please contact us.  As soon as appropriate, we will be happy to introduce you to past clients.


Your time is important……

We are a niche firm. We have developed and maintain extensive contacts and a unique perspective across the business community.  You get real experience beyond the buzzwords. 

We truly believe that successful marriages are based on mutuality of interests. We value and protect the confidence of prospective candidates who share personal and professional information with us still, there is never any question as to whom we represent in the process – We represent You!

You get DEDICATED effort!  

Because we work only on an employer-retained basis, we are able to scrupulously limit the number of assignments we undertake at any one time.  Our consultative efforts continue from before the client working meetings through the hired individual’s successful transition with your company.  Just one example of “added value”; References are done before any candidate is introduced to a client – this due diligence alone lessens the likelihood of wasted interview time and expense

We have never been subtle about the fact that we maintain a Chinese-Wall between the Vendor community and ourselves. While we are certainly not “anti-broker”, we just don’t feel that we are operating in the Client’s best interest by soliciting nominations, opinions, or business opportunities from a source where a future stewardship relationship might exist.

Feel free to contact us at any time.

Jim Gunther, Principal
Harvard Aimes Group

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