About Harvard Aimes Group

As a prospective client...

You may wish to know more about Harvard Aimes Group:

  • We are an employer-retained executive search firm.
  • We accept assignments only in the specialty of Corporate Risk Management. Of course, we broadly define the field to include the sub-specialties of Safety and Claims Management.
  • In order to maintain professional independence, we never accept assignments from brokers, carriers, or other vendors.
  • We have been in the search business since 1984 doing only Corporate Risk Management assignments and only on an employer-retained basis.
  • As Principal, I was a practicing Risk Manager for almost 9 years prior to founding Harvard Aimes Group.
  • Prior to Corporate Risk Management, I was in the Claims Management business for almost 9 years.

Our background and experience is a large part of the value that we add to the search process. We can help the corporate client find what they want and what they need.

As an individual interested in career management...

As an employer-retained search firm, we don’t (per se) help people find jobs. Our focus must be on helping our client find the perfect person for their needs. Of course, experience tells us that it has to be a “good marriage” for both sides. That said, we do subscribe to certain principles in dealing with Risk Management professionals:

  • No one can ever be harmed by being in our database.
  • We will not accept an assignment where the real or implied person specification violates the letter or the spirit of applicable human rights laws.
  • Except when confidentially is required by special client circumstances, we will always recruit openly. Such will allow a potential candidate to do his/her own independent research.
  • While we represent the interests of the client, we will never mislead an individual about the likelihood of his/her (continued) candidacy on a particular assignment.
  • Information about an individual is never shared with anyone without advance and mutual agreement to do so.

Feel free to contact us at any time.

Jim Gunther, Principal
Harvard Aimes Group

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